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Ready to up your game in Ableton Live 11?  This 30-day masterclass will walk you through the process of writing, producing, mixing, and mastering a new song from start to finish. Created by producer and educator Kate Ellwanger (aka Dot), this course is designed to guide artists through the ins and outs of the program, covering everything from basic navigation to advanced tricks used by today's hottest producers.

Ellwanger's unique teaching method breaks the curriculum down into twelve concise videos with practical application strategies instead of presenting larger chunks of information that are difficult to retain. Less time spent binge-watching tutorials means more time spent creating music as you learn! 

With program enrollment, you'll gain access to:

  • Twelve lesson modules
  • Weekly assignments to apply your learning to your music
  • Downloadable demo sessions
  • PDF cheat sheets
  • Online office hours with the instructor to ask questions and receive feedback
  • Personalized written feedback from Dot on your final song submission
  • Peer to peer music reviews and discussions
  • Lifetime access to all materials

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  • About the Instructor

    For producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Kate Ellwanger, a fusion of electronic, indie rock, and R&B elements has awarded her a role as a one of the scene's most respected emerging producers. Whether providing cutting edge beats as part of LA beat collective Team Supreme, or fulfilling her role as founder of the womxn-focused music label Unspeakable Records, Ellwanger is a champion for the often unsung female producer. Her music has been praised by the best in tastemaker media, including features in Nylon, Pitchfork, Red Bull, LA Weekly, Okayfuture, MTV Brazil, C-Heads Magazine, Nest HQ, Ableton, and BBC Radio 1xtra. As an active supporter of her local and global music communities, Ellwanger is also a voting member of The Recording Academy, and contributor to MusiCares. In addition to her solo work, Ellwanger has produced for artists including SZA (TDE) and Teri GenderBender (Le Butcherettes, Bosnian Rainbows), and writes music for film/TV and commercials with clients including Nike, MTV, OWN, Laura Mercier, and a VR Installation score for the LA Times. Her extensive knowledge of music production and creative strategies also led to her participation as a panelist at Loop Berlin: Ableton’s summit for music makers. She has also taught music production and composition at critically-acclaimed institutions including The Los Angeles Recording School, Dubspot, Point Blank, and Garnish. Ellwanger holds a B.A. in Music from Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University, and a Master’s Degree in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music. In addition to her background in classical and contemporary music, she has over 15 years of study in mindfulness practices from multiple traditions, including yoga, meditation, and psychospiritual development.

    Kate Ellwanger

    Producer, CEO of Unspeakable Records

    Kate Ellwanger

Dot for Ableton's 'One Thing' Series

What Artists Are Saying

"Dot is a master of her craft and is truly passionate about helping people express themselves through music. Her step-by-step processes are comprehensive and easy to understand while providing insightful postitive feedback. Learning from Dot has been a fun and challenging experience and I highly recommend any of her programs to anyone looking to tap into their creative self."

-- Alan M, Producer, Los Angeles

"[Dot's Tutorials] are changing the horizon for me as a musician. I'm amazed at how much I'm learning, and that so much more is possible for me than I had previously thought. 

Dot has a unique talent as a teacher -- not only is she massively skilled in Ableton, but she's not afraid to break down the concepts for you into super simple and clear language. I was impressed by how clear the teaching was, and how fun she made it.  This program is the opposite of those production courses where the videos are mind-numbingly dry, and the teacher speaks an elitist language that you can't follow.

Dot's approach is unique in that she brings an inclusive, human element to music production -- you will feel like you are sitting with a friend while you get top-level information.

[Dot's Tutorials] are de-mystifying music production for me, and giving me a seat at the table. I think this is going to be a game-changer for a lot of other women, and I'm grateful to Dot for having the boldness to create such an awesome course!" 

-- Composer, San Francisco

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Class!
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  • 02
    The Fundamentals: Get to Know Your New Best Friend
    Show Content
  • 03
    Anatomy of a Track: Songwriting and Music Theory for Producers
    Show Content
    • Lesson Two Video
    • Lesson Two Assignments
  • 04
    Capturing Sound: Basic Recording Techniques and How To Bend The Rules
    Show Content
    • Lesson Three Video
    • Lesson Three Assignments
    • Week One Sharing
  • 05
    Warping and Comping: On and Off The Grid
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    • Lesson Four Video
  • 06
    Signal Processing: Audio Effect Basics
    Show Content
    • Lesson Five Video
    • Lesson Five Assignments
  • 07
    Racks on Racks: Drum, Instrument, and Effect Racks
    Show Content
    • Lesson Six Video
  • 08
    Ear Training: Understanding Your Influences and Creating What You Hear
    Show Content
    • Lesson Seven Video
    • Influences and Inspiration
  • 09
    Sound Design: Intro to Synthesis with Analog
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    • Lesson Eight Video
  • 10
    Workflow: Developing Your Own Methods
    Show Content
    • Lesson Nine Video
    • Lesson Nine Discussion
  • 11
    Advanced Sound Design: Operator, Sampler, and Wavetable
    Show Content
    • Share Space - Works In Progress
    • Wavetable
    • Operator Bass
    • Operator Sub Bass
    • Operator Lead
    • Operator Pads
    • Operator Risers
    • Sampler Vocal Synths
    • Sampler FM & AM
  • 12
    Max for Live: Create Your Own Tools
    Show Content
    • Lesson Eleven Video
  • 13
    Finishing Touches: Mixing & Mastering
    Show Content
    • Mixing Down a Song - Part One
    • Mixing Down a Song - Part Two
    • Mastering
    • Share Space - Final Tracks

'Through My Lens' Interview with Dot