Elevate Your Music Career

Sonic Identity is an online Artist Development Program created by Kate Ellwanger (Dot of TeamSupreme and Unspeakable Records) to guide producers, songwriters, and musicians of all backgrounds on a journey of discovering their unique sound as they create an EP during the course. 

While many schools and online tutorials teach the technical aspects of using a DAW or producing music, this program is designed to go beyond the basic "How To's" and prepare students for creative and financial success through their music. It is Ellwanger's mission to help artists from all over the world hone their strengths and discover what sets them apart from everyone else making music in the digital age. 

Program Objectives

  • Complete a cohesive body of work with the support of Dot and fellow artists in the program
  • Discover your personal strengths and bring out your unique sound as an artist/producer
  • Build a following, explore new ways of releasing music in the digital age, and generate income as an artist
  • Identify and address any fears or self-doubts that may be blocking your creative output or fullest expression
  • Complete challenges and exercises that push you outside of your comfort zone and stretch your ideas
  • Develop good workflow practices that align with your personality type


  • About the Instructor

    Shaping the future of independent music has always been the guiding force for producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Kate Ellwanger, who writes and performs under the name Dot. After nearly a decade-long career as an artist, DJ, and founder of the production company Unspeakable Records, Dot entered the Web3 space at the start of 2022 with her ‘Life Support’ series, minting 6 songs from the album in honor of the 1-year anniversary of its release, and is among the top-selling music NFT artists this year. The album also gained significant momentum on streaming platforms, earning her playlist covers on Spotify Fresh Finds and Creamy, as well as Amazon Breakthrough Electronic. Ellwanger holds a B.A. in Music from Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University, and a Master’s Degree in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music. In addition to her background in classical and contemporary music, she has over 15 years of study in mindfulness practices from multiple traditions, including yoga, meditation, and psychospiritual development. Dot's return to the stage in 2021 brought her to some of the most highly-acclaimed venues and music festivals in the world, including Red Rocks, EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, Firefly Music Festival, The Fonda, Elsewhere Space, Echostage, and more. Dot is also one of the first artists to host a 3-day event exclusively for her NFT collectors: Sonic Summit launched this past labor day weekend in partnership with NFT SV in Sun Valley, Idaho, and included multiple panel discussions, visual art exhibitions, and two nights of live performances from artists in Web3. Her music has been praised by the best in tastemaker media, including features in Nylon, Pitchfork, Red Bull, LA Weekly, Okayfuture, MTV Brazil, C-Heads Magazine, Nest HQ, Ableton, and BBC Radio 1xtra. As an active supporter of her local and global music communities, Dot is also a voting member of The Recording Academy, and contributor to MusiCares. She has taught music production and composition at critically-acclaimed institutions including The Los Angeles Recording School, Dubspot, Point Blank, and Garnish.

    Kate Ellwanger

    Producer, CEO of Unspeakable Records

    Kate Ellwanger

What Artists Are Saying

"Sonic Identity was without a doubt the best investment I could have made for my personal development as an artist. It gave me the ability to have more faith in my works and to adapt practices that are now reflected within my music. Kate was a tremendous leader who was not only dependable and consistent, but wise in how she approached the curriculum for the course." - Joel J. (@taijitunes)

"Sonic Identity has provided me all the support and direction I need to develop into the independent and multi-faceted artist I knew I could be - with so much more awareness and attunement to my exalted self than I could have done on my own! Kate is a dream to learn from; she’s walking this same pioneering path of artist and producer, and this course provides insight into her unique personal process of music making. The sonic challenges and reflection exercises Kate assigns make me dive deep into the wells of my being to find the purpose underlying every choice I make, sonically or otherwise. Creating music from this place of self-reflection and inquiry has yielded the best, most exploratory and intentional music beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m so proud of myself and the work I’ve created within this course." - Kelleia (@kelleiamusic)

"Where to begin...Kate is amazing.  Not only as an artist but as a human being.  I loved how real, personal, and connected this program is.  You can take so many different classes on production in LA but the piece that stands out about this one, and in my opinion is the most important, is the connection and focus on what it is that drives you.  That connection to your true artistry.  I loved the creative challenges that forced you to get out of your head and your normal production routine and see things differently.  I have developed so much more as a creative individual and finally feel confident about my music and my focus." - Ilsa R.

"Sonic Identity was definitely a silver lining for me during a time where I really felt low and insecure about the music I was creating. Kate strengthened my endless love for music by showing me how to use my creativity without any boundaries, judgement, or fear. I found that I was surprising myself week after week with the tracks I was creating and checking off goals in such a short amount of time. The most essential lesson that I've learned from this program is that a healthy lifestyle and mindset are just as important as the session on your DAW." - Kaila V.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction and Overview
    Show Content
  • 02
    Lesson 1: Space
    Show Content
    • Declutter Your Sound
    • Space Between The Notes
    • Discussion: Space
    • Sonic Challenge: Space
  • 03
    Lesson 2: Thoughts
    Show Content
    • What You Think, You Create
    • Releasing Limiting Beliefs
    • Nature Of The Brain
    • Discussion: Thoughts
    • Sonic Challenge: Thoughts
  • 04
    Lesson 3: Purpose
    Show Content
    • Why Do You Make Music?
    • Purpose Of Creating
    • Start With Why
    • Discussion: Purpose
    • Sonic Challenge: Purpose
  • 05
    Lesson 4: Raising The Bar
    Show Content
    • Less Talk, More Action
    • You Don't Need Time
    • Discussion: Raising The Bar
    • Sonic Challenge: Raising The Bar
  • 06
    Lesson 5: Collaboration
    Show Content
    • No Artist Is An Island
    • Partner Up
    • Bonus Exercise: Active Listening
    • Discussion: Collaboration
    • Sonic Challenge: Collaboration
  • 07
    Lesson 6: Gratitude
    Show Content
    • Making The Most From The Least
    • Just Be Thankful
    • Discussion: Gratitude
    • Sonic Challenge: Gratitude
  • 08
    Lesson 7: Finishing
    Show Content
    • The Last Hurdle
    • Closing The Gap
    • Moving Forward
    • Discussion: Finishing
    • Sonic Challenge: Finishing
  • 09
    Bonus Lesson: Mixing & Mastering with Jared Leopard
    Show Content
    • Club Can't Hear Q&A
    • Q&A 001 - How to Bounce Stems & Get a "Pro Sound"
  • 10
    Bonus Lesson: Releasing
    Show Content
    • Independent Release Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

My schedule is insane. Do I have time for Sonic Identity?

     In short, YES. The program is flexibly designed so that artists from any time zone or schedule can participate. No time is no excuse!

What will I gain from this experience?

     Sonic Identity is unlike any other music school or online tutorial series. While the main objective is for each artist to walk away with an EP or single they feel great about, the lessons learned and relationships made during the program are lifelong treasures. Artists can learn technical skills from a multitude of resources (many of which are listed in the Sonic Identity Resources PDF given to all participants), but this curriculum takes artist development to a much deeper level in exploring each creator's unique sounds within a supportive community environment. 

     Like most things in life, you will only get out what you put in, so it's up to YOU to follow through with all assignments and opportunities for growth that Sonic Identity provides. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone and opening to new ideas may not always be easy, but the results are well worth the effort. 

Do I have to use a specific DAW in order to participate? What if I'm still a beginner?

     The only prerequisites for this program are a means to record your music (any DAW will do), an internet connection, and willingness to learn no matter what your experience level is! Sonic Identity is all about making the most of the time, skills, and resources you currently have -- NOT waiting around until you have that new synth or more knowledge to "begin" sometime in the future.